About us

It’s what we do that sets us apart.


Like everyone, we get frustrated by services that don’t meet the customer’s expectations. As a tour guide company, we do something about it. We’re all about learning and improvement.


After nearly 10 years of providing tours in central park, the one thing we’ve learned is that people come from different parts of the world with different cultures, life and ways of doing things, and we’ve learned to be flexible enough to embrace it whole-heatedly.


We have so much pride in the incredible amount of hard work and attention that goes into each of our tours and services we provide to our customers. At Central Park Travel Tours, we're constantly striving to reach and exceed our customer’s expectations so you can feel that sense of excellence and dedication with every level of service.


Use our Contact Us on the website if you have questions about any of our services we provide, need help with making reservations, or have special needs.